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Player Info

Player Name: Sarah
Preferred IM: English-aussie@hotmail.com(AIM)
Email: Same as above.
PM: shadedthrone
Timezone: EDT and will change to EST
Other characters: Twin 2(Dane) – thievingtwin02(Neverland Unit)

Character Info

Real Name: Dr. Eve Carrow (pb used is Halle Berry)
Codename: White Queen
Age: 32
Unit & Position: Wonderland Unit – Therapist/Psychologist

Backstory: Eve had been a curious girl ever since she was born, and as she grew up, her parents encouraged that curiosity. They encouraged her to delve deeper into things and to not be afraid to ask questions. She was intelligent and friendly and always took an interest in new people. Making it her own goal to get to know people and find out what makes them tick, or do the things they do. By her early years of high school, she knew exactly what she wanted to do, and she was smart enough to fast track through her education and get her degree in psychology, sociology etc. By the age of twenty, she was a fully registered psychologist, and had the title of Dr. Eve Carrow. She started working as a clinical psychologist, working with families, children and couples. By the age of 22, however, tragedy struck and her parents were killed in a home invasion. She grieved and buried her parents, alone in the world for the first time, and left with so many questions. It was this event that drew her to working with criminals and prisoners. In her mind, by working with these kinds of people, she might find the answers that her parent’s deaths had left her with. After ten years working in and out of prisons, asylums and other less inviting places, she still has questions, but she also has a drive to be better and to unravel the make-up of such people. Anything from their darkest fears to their biggest hopes, because even the monsters of this world have dreams.

Personality: Dr Eve Carrow, taking the codename White Queen, was highly amused by the irony of it, seeing as she was the opposite of a white queen, even if she did however consider her chair to be like a throne in her profession. But that was Eve, she liked to be the unexpected, to surprise people. It made her patients easier to work with, or at least making it easier for her to make a first assessment of them, if she could catch them off guard for a moment. She loves her job, as every person is new to her, and every person has so many facets, it’s like a brand new puzzle for her to pull apart and put back together. In her mind, people and what they are inside are like puzzles within puzzles, each piece complex, and yet so simple in its singularity.
Both in and out of work, Eve is friendly and bubbly, but like in everything, knows when to be serious and does have a cold edge to her personality if pushed enough. As any skilled shrink, she is very good at disassociating herself from things. Not just to save her own psychi but to maintain an unbiased opinion of the situation. Eve loves bright things despite the fact that she lives in a dark world, so she tends to have random splashes of colour in her offices or within her outfit. She also has a massive love and fascination for the creatures of flight, anything from butterflies to birds, to bats.

Reason for joining?: After many years working with prisoners and criminals, she was still one of the few who would not be bought by or give into the threats of crooked police officers, cartel , twisted lawyers and the like. She was loyal to her job and refused to hinder that by lying to save someone else’s neck. Unfortunately, for her, her work ethics got the attention of a powerful cartel. They wanted one of their members who had been charged with 10 counts of first degree murder and awaiting the death penalty, to be marked as insane and for her to falsify documents, in order to get him moved to a lower security facility. Thus buying them time to get him out. She of course refused and the man was executed via lethal injection, days later. Infuriated, the cartel put a hit out on her, and an assassin was sent to complete the job.
When she was put on her knees and the gun pressed to her head, she didn’t beg or cry, despite how afraid she really was. She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction, not even when he she was hit across the face and beaten. Instead she just stared up at her would be killer, staring him right in the eyes. She expected to die, her brain smeared across the wall from the blast and the tragedy sprawled across some newspaper’s front page. What she didn’t expect was a second assassin, who killed the first one, and then gave her a way out. Apparently, she had caught the attention of Grimm with her skills as a therapist and psychologist, and with her loyalty to her profession. She was offered a position within one of his units, but if she accepted, she would have to end this life and start over. After a short deliberation, she agreed, and the story was set. In the following day’s paper it had read, ‘Renowned therapist’s charred remains found in the ashes of her house. After a home invasion gone wrong, both Dr. Carrow and her murderer were found dead amongst the rubble of her burnt down home in the early hours of this morning. It seems the murderer had shot a gas main sometime during the shooting and sent the house into flames. He was killed instantly.’
Now she was starting her new life, her first week of her new life over and she’s ready to meet her new patients.


what look??
Dr. Eve Carrow aka White Queen

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